CAD Basic to Advance Course – UG NX

  • Part Design Advance Functions
  • Surface Design Advance Functions
  • Assembly Design Advance Functions
  • Drafting (Drawing) Advance Functions
  • DMU Analysis
  • Re- Mastering / Reverse Engineering
  • Overview of Plastic Interior, Exterior, Seating & BIW
  • Introduction to PLM(Product Life Cycle Management)
  • Design of Complex Parts
  • Design of Complex Assembly
  • Design of Complex Drawing (Drafting)

UG-NX or Unigraphics-NX is widely known to be a top of the line advanced software package currently owned by Siemens, and coming under the category of CAD (Computer Aided Design)/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). It’s major use is for Engineering analysis, Design, Manufacturing finished design with the help of included machining modules.

This advance course from Asia Tech Center covers both the basic and advanced topics related to UG-NX; thus making it into a complete package for the trainees. Similarly, this intensive training programme will help better the skills of the aspirants in aspects such as performing 3D modeling, developing conceptual designs, accomplishing documentation etc.

The syllabus of this advance UG NX course from Asia Tech Center is designed in such a manner that it would prove to be sufficient for anybody who wishes to obtain a Unigraphics NX certification that meets with the expectations of the industry. To support it, our UG NX facility is such that it is equipped to provide the ideal environment for learning and at the same time implementing.

Our team of expert and experienced trainers would help you in getting deeper and complete knowledge of UG NX.

Join this course and become a UG NX master as you walk out!