Asia Tech Center - Autocad Institute in Pune

CAD Advance Course - CATIA

  • Part Design Advance Functions
  • Generative Shape Design Advance Functions
  • Assembly Design Advance Functions
  • Drafting (Drawing) Advance Functions
  • DMU Analysis
  • Power Copy, Complete Sweep,
  • Re- Mastering / Reverse Engineering
  • Introduction to PLM(Product Life Cycle Management)
  • Overview of Plastic Interior, Exterior, Seating & BIW
  • Design of Complex Parts
  • Design of Complex Assembly
  • Design of Complex Drawing (Drafting)

The CATIA Advance Course from Asia Tech Center has been designed with the intention to take the trainees to the next level. This course can be called a continuation of the CATIA Basic Course offered by us. Therefore, it is recommended that you have successfully completed the CATIA Basic level course. Also, a minimum experience of 6 months in using CATIA would prove to be beneficial.

The CATIA Advance course is suitable for more seasoned users of the software and covers advanced topics in CATIA such as Part Design and Assembly Design workbenches. In addition to this, students would also get a hands-on on   putting to use component catalogs and way to store and generate re-usable parameterized features. The course curriculum also covers a detailed insight into commonly available knowledge tools and the technique to deploy these tools in sync with other users.

With a focus on more advanced capabilities of CATIA like PowerCopy, this course is also meant for the cultivation of ‘best practice’ methodologies.

Just like the Basic CATIA course, this one also offers a perfect blend of both theory and practical for that much needed hands-on experience.

Enroll now and take your CATIA knowledge and skills to the next level.